About APG

Texas Business Brokers - Affiliated Partners Group have focused on Sale of Texas based companies

For more than two decades, Affiliated Partners Group and its predecessor company have focused on the sale of Texas based companies with sales revenue of $1 million to $20 million.  During that time, our partners have provided many excellent companies with the professional representation required to execute successful transactions.

Unlike the approach of many brokers, APG is very selective about the companies it engages to sell.  Instead of the practice of throwing matter against the wall and seeing what sticks, we take only the projects that we have full confidence in their salability.

Since our partners and our in-house CPA handle all aspects of every transaction, we prefer to work only a limited number of projects simultaneously.  We believe this part of our strategy ensures that ample attention is provided to every client and that the confidentiality of each project is best protected.

APG has handled and completed the sale of a notable and extensive list of closely-held, Texas based companies. A review of some of our past sale transactions shows a cross-section of our clients as follows:

  • Specialty Products Manufacturing
  • Industrial Distribution Companies
  • Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturing
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Commercial & Industrial Service Providers
  • Trucking & General Transportation
  • Specialty Electrical Contracting
  • Factory Authorized Dealerships
  • Multi-Unit Beverage Distributors
  • Multi-Unit Entertainment Company
  • Equipment Sales, Service and Leasing
  • Regional Franchise Operators
  • Specialty Retail/Service Companies
  • Specialty Restaurants/Food Service Companies
  • Specialty Sign Manufacturers
  • Construction Products Manufacturers

The Success of Your Transaction Depends On The Effectiveness Of The Approach:

  • Research
  • Assessment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Identifying The “Right” Buyers

  • Quality Presentation
  • Skilled Negotiation
  • Navigating The Hurdles
  • Close Attention To Detail All The Way To Closing

Texas Business Brokers - Sale of Texas-based companies

Details Matter:

It is inherent in many privately-owned businesses that their financial statements do not reflect the full measure of performance. It is common practice among private companies to operate in a manner that minimizes income taxes. This approach may appear to work well for owners until it’s time to sell the business.  Then, because the business’s bottom line profits, or cash flow, are a significant factor in determining value, there is a need to adjust historical financials. APG has extensive experience in this important step of “recasting” the financial history.

One of the ironies in the process of successfully selling a business involves the conflict between maximum exposure and the desire for confidentiality.  Often a client will state at the beginning of an engagement, “I want to attract as many potential buyers possible but I also want as few people as possible to know that my company is for sale.” This actually makes sense and is a concept that we completely understand.  Targeting the best prospective buyers, qualifying them as serious buyer candidates and obtaining non-disclosure agreements prior to exposing sensitive client information, is at the heart of our process.

Negotiating the Deal:

Negotiating assistance provided to our client requires first and foremost that we completely understand our client’s goals and objectives. Factors such as whether to sell the entire company or retain an interest, to stay and participate in management after the sale or just for a transition period, to keep certain assets or sell the whole package are just a few of the issues that must be clarified during the sale process.

Our Beliefs and Responsibilities:

Nothing is more important in representing a selling client than an adviser's experience, competence and integrity.

  • It is our responsibility to help clients set realistic expectations regarding proposed transactions.
  • We will not make commitments that we cannot or will not stand behind.
  • We will never knowingly provide inaccurate information to a seller or a buyer.
  • We will handle our client’s confidential information with respect and sensitivity.
  • We will act according to our client’s best interests at all times.
  • We believe that our future as a firm depends on the success we deliver to our client’s transactions and that referrals will fuel our sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Your Firm Charge To Sell My Business?
APG’s “Success Fee” is based on the successful closing of the sale transaction and is calculated as a percentage of the transaction value. It is a sliding scale that varies according to total transaction value. Once a value range for your company is determined, our fee can then be calculated and discussed with you. We can also give you a ballpark estimate early in the process.
Does Your Firm Prepare a Valuation of My Business?
We do not offer appraisals of the sort that are used for IRS defense or other legal purpose. However, in many instances, APG will prepare a Market Value Assessment (MVA) to estimate a Fair Market Value (FMV) range for the business in connection with a sale. While there are several methods that may be used to develop FMV, our MVA approach combines financial statement analysis along with the study of similar businesses that have been sold as well as current listings of similar businesses.
What Type of Businesses are of Interest To Buyers in Today’s Market?
Manufacturing, distribution and service companies with sales of $1 million to $20 million are of interest to many buyers in today’s market. These buyers may be individuals or partnerships desiring to acquire and operate a company or private equity groups adding to their portfolios. The common denominator among most buyers is that the target company has (1) up to date and accurate accounting records, (2) an experienced and stable workforce, (3) a recurring customer base and (4) stable revenue and cash flow. Businesses with these characteristics are in demand by capable buyers willing to pay market prices and offer favorable terms.
Why Should I Select APG to Handle the Sale of My Business?
There is no substitute for an experienced, competent and trustworthy advisor to handle your sale of business transaction. We highly suggest that we meet with you to discuss how APG can help you with this extremely important transaction. We also recommend that you interview not only our firm but also other prospective brokers in the area. Ask the brokers the following questions: How long have you been representing small-medium sized businesses and can you describe some of these transactions and discuss negative issues that arose and how you were able to overcome them? Will you personally be handling the sale of my company? How do you protect sensitive information about my company during the sale process? Do you have a CPA on your staff who will be involved in the analysis of my financials? At APG, we welcome these questions of us and are hopeful that we get an opportunity to meet you.